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  • Either as a single JSON string value, providing the name of the JSON configuration file (e.g. .applicationsettings or .restapplicationsettings)
  • As a JSON Object, providing name/value pairs with the configuration values, basically embedding the .applicationsettings/.restapplicationsettings file into the JSON configuration file. 


The loadServices array can define services in two ways, combinations are supported:

  • as JSON Strings referencing the names of service.xml files
  • as JSON Objects directly referencing services, see below. Services in the JSON Object configuration in one JSON Configuration file may override settings for the same Interface in a base JSON Configuration file thus allowing overriding individual service definitions - which is not supported by service.xml files. 
Code Block
"loadServices": [
    "Package.Subpackage.IInterfaceName1": "Package.Subpackage.ServiceImplementation1",
    "Package.Subpackage.IInterfaceName2": "Package.Subpackage.ServiceImplementation2"

AppServer Startup

The procedure Consultingwerk/Framework/Server/ccs_startup.p implements an AppServer startup based on the Common Component Specification (CCS) compliant AppServerStartupManager.