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Developer has build a Business Entity and some of the fields have labels like ‘Empfänger’,  ‘Gelöscht’, ‘an RAD überwiesen von’, etc. After adding some fields directly in the include file of the temp-table the developer right clicks on the temp-table on the Business Entity Designer canvasand select Refresh from Include File. This operation corrupt the labels mentioned above and after regenerating the Business Entity these changes are written to the include files and then they look like ‘Empfänger’,  ‘Gelöscht’, ‘an RAD überwiesen von’, etc.

It seems to be a codepage problem, the customer is using UTF-8 for the source code. 


The issue is caused by the discrepancy between the existing source code and the code page used by Proparse. Proparse is a Java application embedded in the IKVM Java Runtime. 

The Proparse code page can be set using the .NET settings container in the %DLC%\bin\prowin32.exe.config or %DLC%\bin\prowin.exe.config as described here:

The Proparse code page can be set like this here:

    <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" >
    <add key="ikvm:file.encoding" value="utf8" />